So you want to horse around, you want to ride when you want without having to make the big commitment of time, money and responsibility that comes with buying a horse. And, if you have family or friends who also like to ride, one horse just isn't enough!

Maybe you've tried trail rides somewhere... you can only do those follow- the- leader, lazy day rides so many times before you are thoroughly bored and there is absolutely no way you can increase your riding skills or confidence.

And there are traditional riding lessons but after a while you feel as though you're just going around and around, not really getting
anywhere...Where is the excitement? Where is the fun?

THE RIDING CLUB AT CASPEREY STABLES -- the great place for serious horsing around offers you the fun of riding well trained, show- quality horses while becoming a more balanced, confident rider. And you can't get bored -- a variety of activities await you as a Riding Club member.

Yes, all of our riding groups are aimed at improving your horsemanship ability to make you and the horses you ride more comfortable, and to minimize the unintentional abuse horses suffer at the hands of unbalanced, uninformed riders. As you progress through the skill levels, your fun level will also increase as you try your hand at various activities.

From Horsemanship (basic riding and horse care) to horseback games to Barrel Racing (a taste of the Rodeo) to Jumping and Dressage (both Olympic events), you'll soon be riding as never before! You can also enjoy Sunday rides and Bar-b-que events available only to our Riding Club Members and boarders

The RIDING CLUB offers group or independent riding at a variety of skill levels in three age groups, with an unlimited variety of activities, guided by fun-loving, safety-conscious, experienced trainers.

For your child or yourself, if your goal is the discipline of competing in horsehows or just pure pleasure, there is nothing that compares with THE RIDING CLUB AT CASPEREY STABLES.

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